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The “tits-job” is a sexual position where the woman let the man put his penis between her breasts and, then, makes pressure by pushing her tits with her hands against his genital, while he does the same movements of a vaginal sexual intercourse, back and forth. To give pleasure for both partners, the breasts of the woman need to be big enough to involve the entire penis in circumference. It is easier and more comfortable to the man if the woman presses her breasts against his penis while he performs sexual movements, and not the opposite, that would be the man controlling the female breasts with his hands.

To start a “titsjob” first hand, has the man to be deeply aroused and with an intense erection. Then, the couple has to choose the best position, where both partners are comfortable. The woman can lay on her back or on the top of the man, in a way that he can put his penis in the middle of her tits. In spite of the majority of people have this kind of sex without any kind of lubricant, the use can facilitate the movements and prevent her breasts from becoming too dry, what could irritate the woman’s skin or even his penis that is very sensible.

If she lean her chin against her breast, she can give additional pleasure for the man, by sucking, kissing and licking the head of the penis with her mouth. She can also increase sensations by changing her hands’ position during a titsjob session, caressing her nipples, for example, or masturbating his penis shaft while she pushes her breasts up at the same time, with her arms. Anther interesting feature is the combination of both titsjob and oral sex, so as to arouse him before intercourse or set himself ready for orgasm.

The titsjob position can be a good thing to spice up a couple’s sexual life, also considering that the female nipples are sensitive and the woman will also enjoy it. People just need safer sex. Many individuals like to ejaculate over breasts or face of a woman and, most of the time, in her mouth. If this last option is going to happen, they should care for flavored condoms to curb sexually transmitted diseases if the woman comes in contact with bodily fluids of his cum.

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