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Having sex in public places is one of the most common sexual fantasies. In this kind of sex, people perform sexual acts where others could potentially see them. Most of the time, the motivations for having sex in public are space, when there is nowhere else to go; urgency, under the influence of strong sexual desire; special places like beach and variety, when people want to have sex in all the possible places and forms to expand their erotic repertoires and get away from routine.

Many people seize the possibility of getting caught as a source of excitement. The nervousness can enhance sexual arousal because the centers of the brain that control anxiety, fear and arousal are very close together, inducing sexual intercourse. Serious fear, however, can extinguish sexual allure. If one really wants a sex try out in public places, discretion means necessary, much as starting slower, as in saying something suggestive to the partner in a restaurant, for example.

Common ground locations chosen for sex in public are elevators, phone booths, dark dance clubs, trains, offices, airplanes and parked cars. The chosen sex position need to complement the nature of the act, because in public places people usually cant lay down. Then, the best positions for these cases are variations on standing and seated sex. Women can facilitate things by using skirts and not taking them off during sex. She can wrap her legs around her partner while he holds her up or lean over a surface and be penetrated from behind.

Many times, however, people explore exhibitionism and want to be seen for the others, what can result in bad consequences. Every state has statutes against public nudity and indecency exposure and, if a couple gets caught having sex in some public place, they can be fined and spend some time in jail. For this reason, people who look for sex in public places should do it just in situations where the chances of actually being caught or offending anyone seem low.

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