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The lesbianism, sexually speaking, can give stronger orgasms to women. Their sex is more based on clitoral orgasms than those G-spot based, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t have G-spot orgasms. With the aid of some sex toys, like dildos and vibrators, lesbian woman can stimulate the vagina by penetration and find their G-spot with some lesbian sex positions.
A sex romp between lesbians, usually, is more based on kisses, preliminaries with caresses and, principally, oral sex. Lesbian women, however, today are forgetting the preconception about using a dildo or similar – many lesbians traditionally thought that using it during sex alluded to penis envy and a secret desire to sleep with a man and have penetrative sex all the time. With this change of thoughts and feelings, almost all couples of lesbians have a sex toy to penetrate the partner. The most famous is the strap-on dildo, which is generally made of leather and adjustable to the body.
The person wearing the harness usually derives no pleasure. It is necessary a good communication with the partner, that has to tell how it feels. To start the sex with this dildo, a good position is that with the penetrated woman on top, because in this way she can control the movements and direct the dildo to her G-spot. Once the couple becomes confident, they can change to other sex positions. Other good dildo for lesbian couples is that curved in “U”, where each extremity is used for each partner, and both girls can enjoy it at the same time.
The lesbian sex can vary into positions with dildos, but the preferred of almost all women still are those with oral sex. The 69 position is one of the most famous, and it’s easy to do. To get started, it’s more comfortable that the couple lies side by side and, then, both girls use their tongues on the clitoris of each other, at the same time. In the position from behind, the partner is on all fours, and a woman behind her use one hand to penetrate the vagina and the other hand to caress her body and stroke her clitoris.
The female oral sex has other variations, according to the couple’s imagination. A position with direct mutual clitoral stimulation is the “cat’s cradle”, where both women open their legs and fit into each other, like two pairs of scissors pushed together, meeting each other’s vaginas and rubbing one clitoris in other. If necessary, the couple can hold hands to balance their bodies. These, however, are just suggestions of most known lesbians’ sex positions. Everyone has different desires and needs and the couples should talk about sex before trying penetrative positions, for example.


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